Fly fishing


Moisie River, Sept-Iles

Quebec, Canada

Sept-Iles weather

Shipu's weather

Shipu's outfitting camp can be reached by seaplane and helicopter. On site, we have a wind sock on the South-East end of the island, where the main camp is located.


Helicopters can land just beside the main camp. The site is large enough for 3 helicopters.


For seaplane operations, a channel is marked with buoys, from the South-East point of the island, along the left side of the channel. The river has fast moving current in that particular area, so make sure the buoys are next to your left float on your way to the camp.


We recommend following a 330° heading for landing on the river.

Placement of channel markers, wind sock and channels

Main camp coordinates

DM.MMM - N50°43.83' W66°14.58'

DMS.SS - N50°43'49.8" W66°14'34.8"


Take-off with 330° (33) orientation

Flyover of the main camp